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About Us

About Us

M.I.O prints is a lifestyle fashion brand that pulls inspiration from afro-descendent patterns. It  was initially birthed in response to a gap in the Afro-Irish market to natural hair products in 2018 by lifestyle blogger Florence Olufemi-Ojo. Today

M.I.O prints is quickly becoming the industry standard for people who not only want products that protect their hair in a manner that celebrates the wholesomeness of Afro-centric culture but also for people looking for soft, high quality vibrant coloured pyjamas that are quickly becoming more than just sleeping items but luxurious comfort wear. Our delight is in protecting and providing comfort to our customers. Our unique selling point is the African print design, the vibrancy of the colours and the way customers can choose a pattern that reflects them, thereby protecting themselves while feeling good!


M.I.O Prints launched a new clothing collection called ‘Made in Nigeria #milestone’ this season. The collection marks the transition into Winter with brightly patterned, fashionable clothing, encompassing mustard yellows, warm browns, and sky-blue colours. 


M.I.O Prints gained international attention when Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z featured the company in their video for ‘Entrepreneur’ to promote black-owned businesses around the world. MI..O Prints was one of two Irish businesses featured in the video bringing its unique collections to a worldwide audience. Based in Tallaght Dublin, M.I.O Prints is exclusively available online.


The new collection is a collaboration between M.I.O Prints and Nigerian pattern designer, Grapes Pattern Bank. M.I.O Prints wanted to create their own unique design by using abstract shapes to tell a story. This collection captures the balance between elegance, trendiness, and unique style. 


M.I.O Prints worked with Nigerian photographer, Wale Shitta Studios, to shoot their entire campaign. All Nigerian creatives, makeup artists, hair stylists and a modelling agency, were used on the shoot to add cultural elements to the collection. 


The patterns are inspired by African prints, but they also include elements of a modern twist; made up of simple symbols and shapes such as triangles, circles and pentagons that are layered to create its own unique trend. The shape of the circle best represents M.I.O Prints as a brand, reflecting their passion for community and people who have shared interests. The triangle symbolises relationships, reflecting M.I.O Prints’ romantic personality as a brand, while celebrating femininity from the fabrics to the cuts and styles. 

The name 'Made in Nigeria' celebrates M.I.O Prints' Nigerian roots and the creativity that is inspired by the country and its fashion industry. The hashtag 'milestone' is in honour of M.I.O Prints' journey as a brand and the significance of the stage they are in. Made In Nigeria is a collection that has pushed the fashion brand out of their comfort zone allowing them to be even more open minded to bigger possibilities.